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Fun, Cool, RC Helicopters good for age 14+


More new items are coming, It's fun to play and enjoy your dream come true.

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Clearance Items



1678--M1A2 Tank 1/24 Scale ( refurbished item, please see notes )

This is a refurbished item, it has been tested, is good and working condition. Sale As Is
Remote Control Battle Tank
* 1/24 radio-controlled
* Max firing range of about 25M equipped with motor AIR GUN.
* Turret can turn to both sides and gun can go up and down.
* All driving wheels suspension system
* 1/24 scale and 41cm of tank length make vivid tank battle possible
* 2 forward speed control
* Forward, Backward, Spin, Super Spin
* Equipped with high gripping caterpillar
* Tanks fighting possibility (more than one Tank can run at the same time
* Running time as long as over 60 minutes

Sale Price $25.99

+ S/H $16.99

Out of Stock


291--RC 2CH B2 Stealth Bomber _

Item has defect on wind edges

Sale Price $20.99

+ S/H $16.99

Out of Stock


290--1/10 RC Radio Control Hummer H2

Clearance Item - Color Red
Missing one top rack bar

Sale Price $14.99

+ S/H $14.99

Out of Stock


1--X-1 High Speed Radio Control 2CH Helicopter

Electric Power Radio Control Helicopter HIGH-GRADE FLY MODEL SERIES

Sale Price $23.99

+ S/H $16.99





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